What's the Rush to Valentine’s Day?

Becky Corrigan


Yes, it's true.  Valentine’s Day merchandise really did go up right after Christmas!  In many businesses, on December 26th, employees were busy displaying heart-shaped candy boxes alongside the after-Christmas clearance.

There’s a good reason for all this, honestly.  You see, planning does take a bit of time...

Have you started brainstorming creative, romantic ways to tell that special someone "I Love You"? Thought about monogrammed jewelry?  Or an extra-special gift basket?  


But if you haven't already started planning, Uh... just thought you'd like to know that even with rush shipping, it still takes time to create your personalized treasures.  And then there’s shipping time to get it to your sweetheart... So, what’s the rush to Valentine’s Day?  None at all, if you order soon!

And we’d love to help you choose just the right gift for your special someone. Give us a call, toll-free: (855) 642-4438 and let us help you find what you want, have it sent when you want it, and at a price you can afford!

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