Back to Campus Check List

Becky Corrigan

"Look at all these Back to School ads!"  I showed my teenager the newspaper the other day.  

“Maaawwwm!" was the insulted retort. "Summer’s barely started!!”    

It may still be the first of summer to a high schooler, but for the college-bound, it’s time to begin the trek for dorm / apartment necessities -- and niceties as well!

If you're headed out to shop for your own digs, or to help a favorite student get started on their own place, here’s a check list to keep in mind:

1.  Check it out:   Do a bit of research to see what a particular college dorm, or apartment building allows -- or even provides.  Why buy it if you don’t have to? Then again, you may want to!

2.  Check in: Moving in with roommates?  What if one’s really into purple and pink decor.  The other's into black and gold.  This one's a morning person.  The other loves late nights. Hmm... sounds like a conference call is needed to set a few ground rules. Some phone time can help roommates find common ground with personal preferences, decor, what’s shared and what’s not.  Plus, it's a great way to save some cash when you don’t have to buy what your roomie’s already got!   

3.  Check the budget: Before you hit the stores, figure out a spending budget -- whatever works for you -- and stick to it.  Hey!  Gotta have some dough left over for weekend fun, right?  ‘Nuff said.

4.  Checklist:  Make your own checklist of what’s essential for your life.  You know, it's what you need for:

   Sleeping                                                  Eating                                 


   Organizing                                             Studying                                         


    Decorating                                         Bathing           

     Furnishing                                      Traveling  

5.  Check it off your list:  When you're finished with your list, evaluate.  (This is the hard part.)  What's really necessary? More importantly, what's really going to fit into that dorm room/apartment? Be bold, and eliminate the unneeded stuff from the list before you buy anything. See what you have (do you own it already?), 
buy it (if you don’t), and then pack it to go.  

Don't have extra room to pack it/carry it?  Consider buying online and ship directly to your new apartment. Just make sure delivery date is set for after you move in.  Finally,

6.  Check in:  If, like Santa, you've made the list and checked it twice, check-in to dorm or apartment life should be a breeze!  

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