Let the Movie Buff in your life choose their own movie tonight! This is the ultimate Movie night gift box. We've included a Red Box Gift card good for six movie rentals paired with enough Theater Favorite snacks to satisfy their cravings every time they rent a movie on you. This gift is topped with a movie reel hand made bow.

Item # 820652     UPC # 799861366904

Gift Set Includes:

  • Two microwave pop up popcorn bowls,
  • Skittles candies,
  • 2 Cracker Jacks Bags,
  • Chex Mix snack,
  • Twizzlers licorice,
  • Kit Kat Bar,
  • Classic Hershey Bar,
  • Raisinettes,
  • Peanut M & M's,
  • Plain M & M's,
  • Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies,
  • Snyder's Pretzels,
  • Oreo Cookies and a Red Box gift card good for six movie rentals,
  • A Movie Directors chaulk board.